Anonymous: Okay, as a guy I have a question you may not have an answer to but why is it that girls like and share pictures of other girl even when they are pretty much naked and showing off their body. I understand there is "fashion" and a "theme" involved, but I still do not understand the appeal. Especially for photos that seem to be made for a perverse male audience. I hope you don't see this as a judgement, just that I am really curious as to know why. Thank you ^-^

This is a hard question! Personally, I reblog photos I find beautiful / inspirational, style-wise. I don’t post something if I am offended by it. That being said, I am usually not offended by photos (of either gender) that are showing a lot of skin; I think that growing up in such a hot climate has made me used to that lower level of modesty. That’s my perspective, anyway !

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Anonymous: Is that you on the profile picture?

Yep! (:

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